Help drive the next era of Digital Health and Wellness

The Samsung Digital Health team is driving a new era in health and wellness by developing a platform to provide a deeper understanding of personal health and wellness. We call this concept "The Voice of the Body". We are especially focused on exploring new technologies, algorithms and applications for lifestyle and health management towards our next generation platform. If this inspires you and ignites a passion to build technologies to solve the big challenges facing health and wellness today, join our ecosystem.

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Together with Samsung you'll have the opportunity to work with a revolutionary wearable device known as Simband. Simband combines the latest technology in hardware, software, sensors, data, algorithms, and cloud connectivity. The Simband platform provides insights into the body not available through today's health and wellness monitoring practices or devices.

Data Collection

As a research tool for data collection in real life situations, Simband will allow meaningful interpretation of physiological behavior and identification of health trends, leading to the ability to not only manage chronic conditions, but to identify early changes and possibly change their trajectories.

Partner with Samsung

As a partner with Samsung in the Simband R&D ecosystem, you can help accelerate the development of these advanced sensors and algorithms, which are necessary to drive forward the new era of Digital Health and Wellness.

If you think you have what it takes to bring Digital Health and Wellness to life, join us today!