Simband <3 ARTIK Cloud

Although Simband is equipped with plenty of local memory, syncing with the cloud is a fundamental feature of the platform. ARTIK Cloud is the service of choice.

ARTIK Cloud is an open, agnostic data exchange platform. With its simple APIs, ARTIK Cloud can collect and normalize data from any type of device or online source, and deliver it to any other device or application in real-time.

Simband uses ARTIK Cloud to store data in the cloud for processing. ARTIK Cloud provides a rule engine for devices, an interface for administering trials, and more. Using ARTIK Cloud's open APIs, developers can write their own algorithms to perform data analysis and create new applications and services.

ARTIK Cloud defines a new paradigm that we call Data Driven Development (D3). It enables developers to think beyond a single device, and focus instead on connecting and analyzing diverse sources of data.

ARTIK Cloud architecture overview

ARTIK Cloud and its APIs are designed specifically for wearable devices and IoT. When WiFi is available, Simband will quickly upload the recorded data to ARTIK Cloud. In an ideal network environment, you will be able to see data flowing in and out of ARTIK Cloud with a delay of a couple of seconds (this is mostly due to network latency). When Simband is not connected to WiFi, it will store data locally and upload it later. Simband has sufficient storage to keep data for days.

To learn more about ARTIK Cloud, have a look at ARTIK Cloud basics.