Accessing data via Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Simband intelligently decides when to upload data to ARTIK Cloud via WiFi. The goal is to make data available to ARTIK Cloud as quickly as possible, but taking into serious consideration the conservation of resources. It's a fine balance.

The Simband data in ARTIK Cloud corresponds to the same data-packs created in Simband. It is an exact replica of the streams marked with "sami" visibility. Each data-pack in Simband IO is now a ARTIK Cloud message and can be accessed via the regular ARTIK Cloud APIs.

ARTIK Cloud enables you to create a number of additional applications and services on top of the data generated by Simband. You can access data "as it arrives," look at slices of data based on a selected timeframe, and aggregate data from multiple sources. If users grant access to their data, you will be able to analyze data from multiple sources (and sensors) and across multiple users. ARTIK Cloud acts as a data exchange platform and guarantees access rights when appropriate.

Developers can access data from ARTIK Cloud via a REST API and in real-time via a WebSocket. Check out the ARTIK Cloud documentation or read the API specification.