Simband is our concept of what a digital health device should be.

An open developer platform, Simband consists of a watch unit running Tizen and a wristband connector that holds a custom sensor module.

Because Simband is modular, you can easily connect sensor modules with new configurations. Samsung provides a reference implementation called Simsense that supports multiple sensors, each generating a unique data stream.

You can develop new algorithms to read and analyze this data in real-time, or access historical data through our data exchange platform ARTIK Cloud. While the sensor module collects biophysical data, the Simband watch unit has several important roles:

  • It connects automatically with ARTIK Cloud, to make the sensor data available to cloud intelligence.
  • It runs installable algorithms that analyze the data and give immediate insights.
  • Its touch display allows control, feedback and monitoring by the user.

Simband acts as a window into its wearer. Devices based on the Simband platform can continuously monitor your health and physical activity, as well as educate, coach and provide helpful feedback on your wellness. For the first time, you can ask specific health questions and get clear, insightful answers directly from the source: your body.

On these pages, we provide the tools you need to create hardware and software on the Simband platform.

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